PCA’s Meeting with Zulfi Bukhari in Pakistan! January 15, 2019


We had a great meeting with the Prime Minister’s Special Advisor to Overseas Pakistanis, Honourable Zulfi Bukhari Sb regarding services for overseas Pakistanis. Special thanks to Honorable MNA Faiz Ullah Kamoka Sb for hosting this meeting discussing essential concerns that overseas Pakistanis have- especially those currently residing in Calgary.

During our fruitful time, we discussed the importance of opening a Pakistani Consulate office in Calgary for the growing Pakistani population. Furthermore, we also discussed opening a direct PIA flight from Calgary to Pakistan easing the transit for traveling Pakistani Calgarians.

Upon discussion of such matters, Mr. Bukhari promised to work diligently to honor our concerns and we thank him for that. I would like to also thank several other community members who aided in voicing these concern; including Zawar Cheema Sb, Khurshid Alam Sandhu Sb, Mahboob Alam Sandhu Sb, Naseer Adeel Sb, Saif Kamoka Sb, and Zia Cheema Sb.

Thanks & Regards,
Muhammad Azam Kahloo
President-PCA Calgary

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