PCA General Elections and Membership Clarifications! May 16, 2019

PCA General Elections

Asalam-O-Alaikum All community members,

I hope you are all doing well during this holy month of Ramadan. There have been many speculations regarding the PCA Election Memberships. Therefore, I will take a minute to clarify them all.

PCA New Members

We had nearly 2000 membership forms submitted by multiple different community members as of December 31, 2018 with an addition to some life members. PCA Executives have gone above and beyond our efforts to assure the election is held with ease and transparency for all the members. For the convenience of the members, the election will be held at a much bigger venue, Marlborough Community Centre. We are also pleased to announce that today we have issued a confirmation letter including the membership serial number to all new and previous members individually. Therefore, when coming out to vote, ALL members will be aware of their membership serial number and have a confirmation of their membership. All members should receive this within a few days in the mail. This entire extensive process took nearly 2 months due to the large volume of memberships. 172 Forms were incomplete as they did NOT include signatures, recommendations and key personal information. According to PCA Bylaws, all membership forms require signatures and recommendations along with key personal information in order to accept the form.

PCA Membership List for Potential Candidates

PCA membership list will be available to ALL candidates from the election commission, once their nominations have been accepted by the election commission as per PCA Bylaws. It is NOT the duty of the executives to give the candidates the membership lists due to privacy. Membership lists contain personal information of the members including address, phone number, email etc. Also, on the membership form, there’s a box which states “We will make the personal information available to add in Directory for Pakistani Community. If you prefer NOT to add your information in Pakistani Directory, Please check the box and initial here”. Many members have checked the box and initialed. Therefore it is the duty of the executives, to assure the privacy of our members is assured. Thus, we cannot post memberships online or any public forum.

PCA Executive Meeting with Potential Candidates.

Despite the membership lists only being available from the election commission upon nomination approvals. PCA Executives understand our members spent money and time to increase memberships. We are not only thankful to them. We held two meeting with those were involved in the memberships drives. The meetings were held in February and April at the PCA Cultural Centre. During the meetings, we confirmed the memberships and shared the numbers with all, along with the accepted membership forms and incomplete membership forms. The respectable members who were present in the meeting were Burhan Khan, Hassan Nawab, Sarfraz Shah, Yousuf Baig, Pervaz Iqbal, Malik Hafeez, Khurahid Alam Sandhu, Sofi Mushtaq, Rana Satwat, Ashiq Warraich, Saadullah Jan and a few others (apologies if I missed you). PCA General Secretary Ansar Qureshi, PCA Vice President and myself as the president explained the entire process in both the meetings. Everyone present in the meeting appreciated the PCA executives and were satisfied with the work we are doing for the memberships and election.

After Eid, I further plan to hold another meeting with the potential candidates to have an election of unity, respect and harmony. We will also assure all questions and concerns are addressed accordingly.

Despite numerous memberships coming in all at once, we have and are making sure the election is held with ease and dignity. We are working tirelessly within the PCA bylaws mandate for the betterment of the community. Thank you all for making PCA stronger and prosperous. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks & Regards,
Muhammad Azam Kahloo
President- PCA Calgary

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