Pakistan Resolution Day Celebration- March 23, 2018


An amazing and very successful event of Pakistan Resolution Day! Although we didn’t intend to have a huge event and that’s why we held it at the PCA Cultural Centre, but the turnout was amazing to the point we didn’t have enough space in the hall! We apologize for that and we will book a better venue for future occasions.

Thank you to the entire Community to come out and celebrate with us on this festive occasion! We would like to thank our volunteers, sponsors, photographers, organizers, Urdu Class teachers, volunteers, coordinators and executives to make this event possible.

Our sponsors and photographers play a great role in every event, a special thanks to them of Malik Hafeez Sahib from M & M Contracting LTD., Realtor Zawar Cheema Sahib from RE/MAX Realty, Gurinder Chahal Sahib from Super Visa Insurance, Ghulam Mustafa Bhai from Pakistan Post West, Arshad Chaudhary Sahib from Arshad Photography, Shakeel Ahmed Bhai from Canadian Times, Shan bhai from Express Media Network and Jamshed Qureshi Sahib from our Media team. Also, Sajjad Mirza Sahib from REDFM has been supporting us for numerous years and for this event he was there with us from the planning. Thank you for that and we hope you can continue supporting PCA over the years to come. As well, a special thanks to Honourable Minister Irfan Sabir, Honourable George Chahal, Honourable MLA Ric McIver, Honourable Jerry Shannon, Honourable Mike Shaikh, Honourable MLA Anam Kazim, Respected Saima Jamal, Respected Happy Mann, Respected Malik Ashraf on behalf of Almadina Islamic Centre, Respected Abdul Bari Sahib on behalf of Ahmadiyya Community and Respected Khawaja Riaz Sahib on behalf of Hussainia Community to come out despite their busy schedule.

To view event pictures, please click here.

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