Pakistan Canada Association Elections 2019

PCA Calgary is delighted to announce our newly elected executive board for the 2019-2021 term! Congratulations to the newly elected team, and we wish you the best of luck for this new tenure. After a very enthusiastic oath taking ceremony on July 27, 2019- the official executive board was formally introduced to the community:

President: Ahmer Nadeem Memon
Vice President: Muhammad Hafeez Malik
General Secretary: Ansar Qureshi
Treasurer: Shahnaz Munir
Joint Secretary: Sana Jahangir
Public Relations Director: Atta Ilahi
Youth & Sports Director: Fakhar Abbas
Social Director: Naseem Muhammad
Past President: Muhammad Azam Kahloo

At the same time, in good sport we had several of the candidates attending the ceremony to wish their best regards to the newly democratically elected team and pledged their full support to the team. Truly, such sportsmanship is the basis of success of our organization. We especially thank Hassan Nawab, and Imtiaz Ahmed Kadhar for their continued support and diligence for the community. We would also like to thank Khan Qaisar, Pervaiz Iqbal, Wasim Sadiq, Shamsa Zareen Baig, Muneer Nawaz, and Syed Adnan Abbas Kirmani for their extensive efforts, and passionate spirit throughout the elections.

Lastly, we cannot thank the election committee enough. The election committee was extremely professional and impartial – as this was one of the most organized elections. Led by Muhammad Qaiser, whose extensive efforts in the last few months contributed to professionalism, alongside the remaining election committee- Dr.Hussam Bawa, Malik Saleem, and Muhammad Iqbal Cheema. Together, we stand united!

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