Kashmiri Lives Matter

The Pakistan Canada Association held a meeting at the PCA hall on August 9th, 2019 in regard to the alarming situation in the Indian Controlled side of Kashmir.

The purpose of this meeting which was titled “Kashmiri Lives Matter” was to engage community members to give and suggest tangible and plausible steps to take appropriate actions on what the PCA and the community can do to put pressure on the International Community and Modi Government.

The meeting was very productive and there were a lot of great ideas given by the community including:
– Engage Local, Provincial, and Federal levels of Government via phone calls, letters, and social media.
– Create a Kashmiri Lives Matter Emergency Fund to help our brothers and sisters in Kashmir
– Create an arm patch similar to the pink ribbon to create awareness.
– Pass a Resolution
– Petition to the Government of Canada
– Create a website and Facebook page
– Reach out to other communities and organizations
– and much more.

We would like to thank all community members who attended and gave their suggestions in a very civilized and professional manner.

The PCA Executives and its volunteers will be working hard to implement these tasks as soon as possible.

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