Consul General of Pakistan in Vancouver’s Visit to Calgary Announcement- August 27, 2018


Consul General of Pakistan in Vancouver’s Visit to Calgary

Date: September 15,2018 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00AM – 4PM
Venue: PCA Hall
507 – 4656 Westwinds Dr. NE

It is our pleasure to be hosting a consulate camp for “Power of Attorneys applications” on September 15, 2018 from 10:00am-4:00pm at the PCA Hall with Respectable acting Consul General Mr.Fahad Amjad. All the community members who would like to get advantage of this visit are informed to come to the PCA Hall as per time & date mentioned above.

Muhammad Azam Kahloo
President- PCA Calgary
(403)803 -9277

Please See details below for documentation’s on the applications processes.
The requirements for attestation of Power of attorney are as follows:-

Attestations of Power of Attorney/ Affidavits

1) Dully filled in Contact Information Form (contact information form available on
Consulate General of Pakistan Contact Information Form
Consulate General of Pakistan Contact Information Form Please fill in your contact details and this information will be kept with your application in case we need to contact you.

2) Power of Attorney/Affidavit

Original power of attorney/affidavit must be submitted along with a photocopy.

The person executing the power of attorney/affidavit must sign the document in our presence at the camp. The Power of Attorney must be signed at each page by the Executant.

Each executant must attach a colour photograph of himself/herself.

One of the following is required: valid Pakistan passport or valid CNIC/ NICOP

Original identification must be submitted along with a photocopy.

Photocopy of valid CNIC/ NICOP must contain the front and back of the card.
3) Return envelope (mandatory )

Applicants must enclose a return envelope with their application.

Envelope preparation instructions:
• The envelope must be self-addressed with a to and from address.
• The envelope must be pre-paid.

4) Fee Table:

One continuous document(i.e. same document subject) of the 1st three pages
CAD 20.00
If continuous document (i.e. same document subject) exceeds the first continuous three pages
fee will be an additional CAD 20.00 per page Documents that are not continuous (i.e. not the
same document subject)


Bank draft/money order/certified cheque already issued in favour of Consulate General of Pakistan will be accepted only.

It may also be noted that documents will be returned from the Consulate and will not be handed over at the spot.


Fahad Amjad
Acting Consul General
Consulate General of Pakistan, Vancouver

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