Congratulations to ALL for winning the Alberta Elections! April 20, 2019


Congratulations to all elected MLAs this Alberta election 2019. We are glad to have had such a massive voter turnout to voice their preferential government. We look forward to seeing a positive change and a unified community where we can all work together to make Alberta strong, prosperous, and inclusive.

Great efforts by all individuals, and political parties who participated in this process to ensure that the correct democratic choices were made.

We hope that the coming government stands by their promises and commitments based on their election manifestos. Furthermore, we need the government to be held accountable for their portrayals, and continue to support the inclusiveness and diversity which is the beauty of the mosaicism of our beloved Canada.

Congratulations to Jason Kenney and his team for winning this election, as well as, Rachel Notley and her team for running such a strong campaign. We hope that the newle elected Government of Alberta and the opposition will create a positive change in the lives of Albertans.

Congratulations to everyone, especially Rick McIvor, Muhammad Yaseen, Devinder Toor, Irfan Sabir, Rajan Sawhney, Mickey Amery, Leela4ChestermereStrathmore, and all other newly elected MLAs.

Muhammad Azam Kahloo
President- PCA Calgary

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